Solia Tourmaline Ceramic Ion Flat Iron

If you’re looking for a style that can only be done at a salon, then stop searching. Your search ends with the Solia flat iron. These irons are not only built with the latest technology in hair care products, but they also cost much less than other popular brands.

Give your hair a healthy, shiny and sexy feel

There are a lot of features and benefits that come with purchasing the Solia flat iron. One of the features is that these are high-quality air straighteners that can manage hair and have the ability to get amount of styles. If anyone has had to deal with unmanageable hair, they know that the investment in a great hair straightener pays for itself in time. It is Solia’s mission to continually deliver the best products on the market by using the best materials and technology.

Ceramic Plates

The Solia ceramic plates are self-adjusting in order to deliver a seamless touch between hair and plates. This impeccable contact will guarantee the removal of any ‘hot spots’ that are destructive for the hair. As a result, this iron will effortlessly bring even heat distribution to your hair for real silky straight result in a reduced amount of time.

Infused with Tourmaline

One of the quality materials they use is tourmaline. Tourmaline is classified as a semi-precious stone. This precious stone is infused in the ceramic plates of the iron and this causes the iron to generate up to 6 times more negative ions upon heating than traditional ceramic irons. The extra negative ions along with gentle infrared heat guarantee soft, smooth, frizz-free silky straight hair without heat damage. The combination of the tourmaline crystals with the ceramic plates is the best way to distribute the heat throughout evenly. This also can minimize the damage to the hair when going through the hair straightening process.

Negative Ions

Negative ions is what gives the hair its strength and health. With the use of negative ions in the hair straightening process, the final product is hair that is softer, shinier and also dries hair faster than doing it with a flat iron that only uses the ceramic plates.

Different Sizes

There are 2 different sizes that users can choose. One of the most common sizes is the 1-1/4” plate size. This size is the easiest to handle and has better maneuverability. However, if you have thicker hair or longer hair, then you may want to go with the 1-3/4 size that is offered.

Dynamic Alignment System

One feature that makes the Solia iron innovative is the dynamic alignment system. This system is when the heating plates can be turned at an angle. By turning the plates at an angle the use can pull their hair with the iron without it getting caught on the edges of the iron. This also helps to distribute the heat throughout the hair giving an even spread of heat to the hair.

The Solia flat iron has been getting rave reviews from users of all ages. They mention the great quality and performance. It comes highly rated for users using it for daily use or for the professional stylist. By buying a better product, the customer can feel assured about flattening their hair with hurting or damaging their hair. This flat iron will easily outshine most products and will style hair with ease for many years.