Solia Tourmaline Ceramic Ion Flat Iron

If you are girls who need a tourmaline flat iron, Do you have unruly, hard-to-tame, wavy or curly hair that flies off in different directions? Solia Tourmaline Ceramic Ion Flat Iron is a good product to help tame those waves into the silky and straight hair.

It makes use of the latest technologies to ensure that your hair is straight without compromising health and vitality.

Available in different colors, it is an ideal choice for a person who wants a high-quality hair straightener that works whether her hair is damp or dry.

The Solia Tourmaline Ceramic Ion Flat Iron is a 1 ¼ flat iron that guarantees smooth, straight and silky hair all day. A flat iron ceramic tourmaline is probably one of the best flat hair iron in the market as it helps you straighten your hair without compromising its health and vitality.

A Solia flat iron can help maintain hair vitality with the use of its gentle infrared heat, which straightens without extensively drying out your hair. One of the most effective hair flat irons in the market today, it can be used on damp and dry hair, making it more versatile. This tourmaline ceramic iron is your best option if you have wavy hair that is hard to maintain and tame.

Flat iron reviews state that Solia is a good brand to trust when it comes to flat iron ceramic ionic choices.


  • Dynamic Alignment System for perfect contact between hair and plates
  • Gentle-fair infrared heat to protect hair quality
  • Available in classic black, pink, red and purple editions
  • Free extended warranty upgrade (2 years) + Heat Proof touch
  • Can be used on damp (not wet) and dry hair

Actual Solia Customer Review

Kaaatttmarie made her actual Solia Tourmaline Ceramic Flat iron review! Thanks to her, we can watch actual review from the user. Watch her video before you decide to buy it, so you won’t regret your buying choice.

The Developer:

The Solia Tourmaline Ceramic Ion Flat Iron was developed by beauty company Solia, which was established in 1994. Having been around for 15 years, Solia is committed to the creation of powerful products using the latest trends and technologies to promote beauty and self-improvement.


One Ceramic Ion Flat Iron: $79.99