Solia Pink Limited Edition Flat Iron

Best straightener Solia is a Dynamic Alignment System that guarantees impeccable contact between your hair and the plates. Unbroken plate contact with the hair means even heat distribution for real silky sexy straight hair. Ceramic and Tourmaline ionic machinery produces tender far-infrared heat and supplementary extra negative ions to form dreamily frizz-free hair minus heat damage.

Solia Pink Limited Edition Flat Iron is not just a pretty face, it’s armed with the jaws of an authoritative straightener for people who want something full of substance and oozing with style, Solia pink limited edition’s styling ability includes curling, waving and straightening. Its 1” plates are neither too wide nor too small for styling so you can alter your pin straight weave into gorgeous curls whenever you like.

The ceramic and tourmaline plate help in protecting hair from excessive heat damage and also straightens it out even the worst kinks. The heat from the plates does not only seep into hair shafts to prevent excessive release of moisture, it also retains the hair color.

As a styling device, Solia pink limited edition brags of its tight grip handles with contoured edges for easy manipulation. A 9-foot cord is attached to its end as well, with a 360° swivel.

Solia Pink Limited Edition Flat Iron

Solia pink flat iron has double voltage capabilities, ceramic plates and tourmaline imparted in the plates (which produces negative ions that keep hair shiny and smooth), but does not feature an auto shut-off mechanism or infrared heating technology. It has decently large plates and gets quite hot on its highest setting. It plugs in with a swivel cord.

Solia pink flat iron has floating or self-adjusting plates and has similar grooved/vented ends for grasping, it’s quite colorful and it also comes with the felt, heat-resistant pouch, and also very much recovers/retain heat.

The Pink Solia Limited Edition Flat Iron represents the pink ribbon that serves as a symbol of the fight against breast cancer; it is also extremely user-friendly and versatile. It can straighten curl, bend, flip, and spiral your hair. Solia is one iron for endless salon style possibilities!

Benefits of Solia Pink limited edition flat iron include:

Solia flat iron has a plate width size of 1 inch. Ceramic/Tourmaline infused plates; Tourmaline ions eliminate static electricity and seal the cuticle layer for hair that is smooth, shiny and silky. Dynamic Alignment System Self Adjusting Plates provide Perfect contact with Generates far-infrared heat penetrating into the hair shaft to lock in moisture and lock in hair color.