FHI Heat Review

This FHI Heat produces up to 20 times more negative ions than the nearest competitors. Negative ions allow more water to be absorbed into the hair, thus enhancing the condition of the hair.

A maximum far-infrared heat that penetrates the hair shaft and straightens the hair from the inside. This is a less damaging type of heat compared to infrared heat. Seals in natural moisture and eliminates frizz. Beveled Ceramic Plates allow the iron to be a true styling iron that can flip, twist, straighten, and curl.

You use it several times and despite the humidity and rain within the day, your hair stays straight, flat, shiny and without frizz. You don’t have to touch it up the next morning at all. On top of this, your straightening time is almost cut in half. You can run the iron through a segment of my hair once and it is straight.

Here are some great features of the FHI Heat:

  • Tourmaline treated plates produce up to 20x more negative ions allowing more water absorbed into the hair, enhancing the condition of the hair
  • Advanced PTFC heater generates maximum far infrared heat
  • Beveled ceramic plates with 3 baked layers seal in moisture and eliminate frizz

This one glides over her hair even more smoothly than the previous model. The 1″ size is the most flexible. Note that some other FHI models do not have variable heat, but the Platform series does. It gets very hot and maintains that heat.

Here’s what one of the owners had to say about this FHI Heat:

This is the absolute BEST. I have exceptionally frizzy hair and always have. Since the advent of flatirons, I have bought a gazillion and they just didn’t “get it”. But, I heard from my stylist about this one and took her advice and now again I understand ALWAYS ASK THE PRO and this is the professional unit.

-Susan W.