Countdown to Cute: 30 Second Hair Style for the New Year

Ring in the New Year With This Effortless Updo!

Hi, Beauties!

So I spotted this cool video that shows you how to do a cute updo for New Year’s Eve at Refinery 29.

It’s super easy to pull off. All you need is a cute headband and some bobby pins. This look does require that you have at least shoulder length hair.

Two things I love about this hairstyle: It’s so simple that you can’t mess it up and you can change it up with the type of headband you use.

One tip that I would offer is to make sure that you use a tight headband (but not too tight), especially if you are planning on dancing.

When I tested out this style the first time, all of my hair came down when I was moving around because the headband popped off. Once I found a tighter headband, I was able to move and dance and my hair stayed in place.

The Results:

Very Romantic and Tres Chic!

Attantion NYC curly girls: miss Jessie;s curlbar is now open!

Miss Jessie’s CurlBar

Hi, Beauties (especially My NYC Curly Beauties)!

If you haven’t heard about it yet, Miss Jessie’s CurlBar is now open and taking appointments.

Miss Jessie’s products and salons are dedicated to styling naturally curly and kinky textured hair.

As a naturally curly girl, I’m excited at being able to have someone apply the shingling technique (Miss Jessie’s signature hair technique) to my hair, especially in the summer months when I’m more likely to wear my hair in its natural state.

I only have one reservation: the pricing. It seems that the pricing is a little steep considering that hair bars like DryBar (which my Mom is totally smitten with the Atlanta location), BlowNY, and Blowout™ are at a much lower price point.

The prices for straight styles at Miss Jessie’s CurlBar are $100 compared to $35 at the DryBar, who will blowout all textures and thickness of hair (just ask my Mom).

I feel that the pricing menu may be higher due to the fact that Miss Jessie’s CurlBar is the first hair bar dedicated more to styling curly and kinky textured hair and right now there is no competition. Maybe they will consider lowering prices when copycat salons start popping up.

Hopefully, very soon, I’ll be able to give you a comprehensive review of the services at the CurlBarl. Until then, I would love to hear about your experience at Miss Jessie’s CurlBar.